About ME

My story with wellness and Yoga started when my doctor at a very early age told me that I had high cholesterol, and it was pretty bad. I was a skinny child, so that goes to show you that skinny is not necessarily healthy. Me and my mom started to change our diet to what we thought was healthy but that was not cutting it, so after a few years I decided to cut meat, all meats out of my diet and started educating myself on nutrition. Now I feel and  I am healthy!

I knew that I had to take up a physical exercise, so I decided to take up yoga.  I was taking care of my body AND I got a nap at the end, because you know savanna. I'am being real the first time I went to a yoga class it had nothing to do with finding something inside of me, It was purely physical. That's why I think It was such an on and off thing for me. I really started to love Yoga when I learned how to love myself through it. You can read about that by clicking on thoughts

With this page I want to inspire you and help you find health, peace, and happiness. It's within you, you just have to reach inside yourself and find it.